The Story So Far

It all started at the end of the summer 2011.  ( We're just at the beginning)

For many years I had been looking, looking for the thing that would allow me to do something in my life that would fulfill me and provide an income which would grow year on year. Having purchased many books about being in business or starting a business as well as get rich quick schemes, I finally realised that I was doing one thing and that was lining other peoples pockets.
This had to stop if I was to find what I was looking for. About 2 months ago I found what I was looking for. It came in the form of a Blog by John Chow. After signing up to his mailing list I received an article which had a link in it to a site called Hub Pages. He recommended it for anyone who wanted to make money on the internet. I signed up with Hub Pages and the rest they say is history.
Since then I have been setting up a number of Blog sites and getting quite a good reaction from various corners of cyber space. I have a lot to learn about the subject of Blogging and am enjoying the journey so far.

My intention is to start around 20 Blogs at a time, of which I have 11 at the moment. Over time I will set up around 100 niche Blogs and get them each making the grand old sum of £1 per day via Adsense. The  ones I have set up at present are making a few pence so I have a lot to do.
Everywhere you look they say that content is king.
This will be the basis for me. To provide good quality content that my followers want to read.
Increasing my readership is also a factor.

By having a lot of Blog sites I am increasing my chances of finding a profitable niche and spreading the risk of having just one site which does not perform. Out of 100 I should get a number of them working profitably.

The target is to have 100 sites all making £1 per day. Quite a nice income you will agree as a part time venture to start with.

If I can do this for myself then I aim to teach others to do the same and help people get through these uncertain times that we are living in at the moment.

In line with the quotes of John Paul Getty ' I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of my own efforts'. This is the way to go for me.

For more of his quotes check out the link