The Plan

So my plan is to set up about 20 sites at a time and get them making a little money via adsense. At first I expect them to make a few pence per week.
As I add more content and get a following it is my intention then to get them making the massive amount of £1 per day each via adsense. Not a massive amount I know but what you have to remember is that all this will be going on whilst I am building my Hub Page community as well.
Long term the goal will be to have operating around 100 Blogs and sites all turning over the massive amount of £1 per day. £700 per week....not bad for a start.
Will I be able to do this?
I am going to give it a real good try.

John Paul Getty once said   ' I would rather have 1% of the
 efforts of 100 men than 100% of my own efforts'. This is the way to go for me. The above quote is the basis for my strategy of the portfolio of Blogs I am developing.No point in having one Blog making £1 per day when I can have 100 making £1 per day being the same amount x 100. Simples!