Saturday, 19 November 2011

Adsense Income

The thing I like about Google Adsense is that you never know where your next click will come from. If you have more than one Blog or write articles that have Adsense ads showing, you just never know which page will give you your next income.
Income it does generate though. I am finding that the more Blogs I introduce the better the chances of increasing my Adsense earnings.
Today has been the best day I have ever had and I woke up to find that one of my Blogs had provided me with the biggest amount I had ever had and was very close to my daily target for that Blog.
DUPLICATION is now the key to get all my other sites doing the same.
That is what I am off to do now. Research what appears to be going right with this Blog and re-create the same strategy on all my other Blogs.
Come back another time to find out how I get on.


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